Kansas State Capitol

The Kansas State Capitol building was begun in 1866 and not completed until 1903. Taking 37 years and under the supervision of eight different architects, it spans nearly four decades of design and construction perseverance and pride of accomplishment.

Because of this construction time span, the historic lighting also exhibited period changes in style and function. The fixtures were manufactured by Mitchell, Vance and Company, the foremost manufacturer of Capitol building lighting in the late 1800′s. The early fixtures were all gas and the later fixtures were electric.

In 2004, St. Louis Antique Lighting was chosen to restore and replicate the lighting and is currently (2008-2010) working on the South Wing and Rotunda, after having completed the East and West wings.

The August, 2006 issue of Traditional Building Magazine contains an article entitled; “Relighting a Statehouse” which details the relighting of the East Wing.


Historical Lighting Design: Gary Steffy Lighting Design

Architect: Treanor Architects, P.A.