Ohio Judicial Center


Designed by Harry Hake and completed in 1933, what is now called the Ohio Judicial Center was first known as the Ohio Departments Building. At 18 stories and 415,000 square feet it stands along the river on Front street, across from the Capitol, as a magnificent example of Art Deco architectural style and decoration.

Restoration for its current Court use was completed in 2004, winning numerous awards for the firms involved in the work. There were over 60 fixture types, 1,077 fixtures total for restoration, replication and new custom designs.

This was one of the most challenging lighting projects that SLALCO has ever produced, due to the complexity of the fixtures (the main courtroom fixtures were carved glass, mahogany and bronze) the complexity of some of the lighting systems (several circuits with different lamping and ballast systems, dimming, aiming etc), and numerous custom glass and bronze casting patterns and molds. Our staff was onsite to receive, photo document and package the historic fixtures as they were removed and to assist with assembly and reinstallation of some of the larger, more difficult fragile fixtures.

Historic Lighting Consultant: Gary H. Behm, I.E.S.

Architects: Schooley Caldwell Associates

Lighting Designer: Gary Steffy Lighting Design